Custom Refillable Mechanical Pencil

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All items are custom made.

Tumblers are double-wall insulated stainless steel.

Pens and Mechanical Pencils are refillable.

Payment is due in full at time of order

Processing time for custom orders is 2-6 weeks but will be discussed when ordered (processing time does not include shipping).

All items are hand-made and may have imperfections.

No refunds or exchanges.

FREE Shipping available.


I will make every possible effort to keep glitter from non-glitter items, however, I am 100% positive glitter is in my ventilation, so surprise sparkles are free of charge!


Pen/Pencil, Tumbler, and Phone Grip Care Instructions

Keep Out of Mouth/Do Not Soak.  Even though the clear coat is food safe, moisture buildup will affect the integrity of your product.

Do Not Wash.  Again, moisture as well as heat will affect the integrity of your product.

Be Careful Not To Drop.  The clear coat is a hard finish but could crack if dropped.

This product has cured for a minimum of 3 days and is safe to use.  However, it will continue to cure and harden for up to 30.

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