Halloween horror RTP sublimation print, ready to press sublimation print - Exorist, Regan

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***TRANSFER ONLY*** This is not a digital file Sublimation transfers: *** When you receive this transfer there will be no watermark or black box around the print*** **Sublimation transfers only work on 50% or more polyester garments. The higher the polyester count the brighter the image will be when pressed onto the garment. 60% to 80% polyester will give a somewhat faded or vintage look to your garment. For the best most vibrant results, use 100% polyester. ** The transfer must be used on a white or light garment. Light pastel colors will work as well. It can also be used on a darker garment that has been bleached light or white. There is no white ink printed onto the transfer. Black fabric will not work with these transfers. USE LIGHT COLORS ONLY.** ** Sublimation will not work on 100% cotton material.** ** The colors on the transfer will be more vibrant when pressed. The transfer will look dull when you receive it. The true color shows after the transfer is pressed. ** A heat press must be used.** -preheat press to 400 degrees F -press garment for 3-5 seconds to remove any moisture and remove wrinkles -use a lint roller to remove loose fibers or lint -place a piece of butcher inside the shirt -place your sublimation transfer face down on the garment . You can use the tag of the shirt to center the transfer. You can also use a t-shirt ruler if you have one available. -place a piece of butcher paper on top of the design (I do not recommend Teflon sheets) -press for 60 seconds at medium to high pressure -please remember that all heat presses are different and may require a time/temperature adjustment -peel hot -Do not reuse the same transfer for another garment. It only works one time -Do not use the same piece of butcher paper twice. ***** I do not accept any returns, however if there is an issue please feel free to contact me with any questions.****

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