Prohibited Items Policy

Lexii is not a curated marketplace. However, for a variety of reasons, we prohibit certain types of items from Lexii. Some items present legal risks to our community; others are inconsistent with our values, are harmful to our members, or simply don't align with the values we hold at Lexii. This policy explains what is prohibited or restricted on Lexii.

We have a zero tolerance policy for prohibited items, particularly those that involve children. Sellers deemed to violate this policy can be subject to immediate account suspension or termination, in accordance with our Terms Of Use.

This policy is a part of our Terms Of Use. By opening an Lexii shop, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

The following types of items are prohibited or restricted on Lexii:

Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, and Medical Drugs

Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on Lexii. These substances face serious legal restrictions and in many cases are considered controlled substances under applicable law. Our policy also applies to other substances that have or are claimed to have an intoxicating or healing effect.

Animal Products and Human Remains

Hazardous Materials, Recalled Items, and Weapons

For safety and legal reasons, we prohibit certain dangerous items from our marketplace

Hate Speech or Listings that promote violence

Lexii does not allow items or listings that promote, support or glorify hatred toward people or otherwise demean people based upon: race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation (collectively, “protected groups”). We may also prohibit items or content that promote organizations or people with such views. 

For example, at Lexii, we believe Black Lives Matter Inc. (BLM) is a Domestic Terrorist Group. We believe ALL lives matter not just one group. While we will allow certain BLM items the following items will NOT be allowed:

  • All Cops Are Bastards (ACAB)
  • Fuck Cops
  • Anti-Police items
  • Pro-Hamas items
  • Anti-Isreal items
  • No Terrorist groups/organizations (including flags and symbols)
  • Violence towards any person or group.

Please note that Lexii has the final decision on all items sold on this platform.

Illegal Items, Items Promoting Illegal Activity, and Highly Regulated Items

This should be a given. You know what is illegal and what isn't. You are responsbile to follow all State and Federal laws. 

Nothing promoting human trafficking, sex trafficking, Pedophilia, Crimes against Children, Children Pornography or anything in that to that nature will be tolerated on this site. 

If you are caught with anything mentioned above, you will be banned from this site, no questions asked and you will not have the opportunity to appeal our decision. 

Please note that Lexii has the final decision on all items sold on this platform.

Internationally Regulated Items

Pornography and Mature Content

Violent Items: Items that Promote, Support, or Glorify Violence

Policy decisions are complex. We consider many different and often divergent factors before coming to a decision about what is best for our community. Because we are a creative community, we err on the side of freedom of expression. We also tend to allow items that have educational, historical, or artistic value, but we know that even those items are subject to a variety of valid and sometimes conflicting interpretations and emotional responses.

We reserve the right to remove listings that we determine are not within the spirit of Lexii. Violating this policy may result in the member's selling privileges being suspended and/or terminated.